get involved

Almost all the activities at The Space (with the exception of dance classes by Momentum Danceworks) are made possible because people donate their time.  Without volunteers, The Space wouldn’t exist.

Here’s how being a volunteer at The Space works:

  1.  You email me your contact information and get on our volunteer email list.  That email is “
  2. When we have events coming up you’ll get an email asking for help.
  3. If you can help, reply “yes”, if you can’t help, you reply “no”.
  4. If we have enough volunteers to help, we hold the event.

Frequently asked questions:

What if I can only volunteer once or twice a year?                                      That’s once or twice when you helped make something creative happen.  In our book, that’s a win!

What kind of things would I do at The Space?                                                   We have lots of different things to do.  During PYOP we need help washing brushes, getting supplies for people, cleaning tables, etc.  For community events it just depends on the activity.  Helping set up tables, manning the paint or glue gun station, helping clean up.  I’ve had a few people say they could like to help but “aren’t very creative.”  First of all, we’re all creative (don’t get me started) but most of the kind of help we need is just being helpful and friendly with the kids and adults who come to have a good time at The Space.

I have an idea for a class/activity.  Could I have it at The Space?                  Give Missy a call 630-2488.  We’d love to hear your ideas and help you put a class together.