This page is a collection of links to really wonderful articles, videos, Ted Talks, etc. that celebrate CREATIVITY!

If you already are a believer in the power of fostering and nurturing your creativity, you’ll want to visit these sites like a kid who loves candy loves to go to the candy store!  If you are skeptical or think that creativity is for other people but not you, PLEASE take the time to look and listen.

In September 2016, Wray launched a new committee with a commitment to bring outdoor arts to town called, “Finding HeART.”  Our first acquisition was “Sound” by artist Maureen Hearty who makes her home in Joes, Colorado. Check out the great Ted Talk by John Gerdy about determining the value that the Arts can have for your community.  The Value of the Arts as a Community Investment


“Sound” is not only an aesthetically pleasing sculpture, it is musical, too!  Hearty has incorporated metal tubes in her design that are played like a xylophone.  We all know that playing a musical instrument can lead to a lot of fun but did you ever wonder what the benefits of playing music can be?  Then check out this video.  How Playing An Instrument Benefits The Brain

Something to keep in mind about this… you don’t have to play an instrument really well. You don’t have to play in front of an audience to thunderous applause. You just need to play. Want to borrow a guitar or ukulele to try it out? We’ve got a couple at The Space you could use. You can buy a recorder at Walmart for about $5.00. Tell your excuses to take a hike. “The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” ~Tony Robbins