What's next…

rocket sketch 2

First of all, thank you to everyone who has made this summer so wonderfully busy!  Shanon and I are very happy with how everything has come together.  We knew we were going to make mistakes and have to figure things out as we went but we never thought we would be this busy!  Seems like for every one thing I check off my To-Do List, I add 2 more on.  Thank you all for being so patient with us.

I’ve had quite a few people start asking me about how things are going to go after summer so I’d like to take a minute to explain how Shanon and I envision things running at The Space.  We’ve organized the year into 3 sessions:  Summer, Fall and Sprinter (a combination of Winter and Spring.)  Summer session began with our launch on May 30th and it will end on Aug. 22 when we have our Space Showcase (don’t miss it– 7:00 p.m. at Kitzmiller Auditorium!)  Fall Session begins Sept. 1st and will go until Nov. 20th.  We won’t schedule much if anything during the month of December since the holidays tend to get a little crazy.  Sprinter Session begins the first of January and runs until April 30.  Just like this summer, at the end of each session we will have a Space Showcase so we can share some great artwork, music, dance and theatre.

One of our biggest challenges is getting the workshops and events planned early enough so we have time to get the word out to everyone and they have the time to register.  While we’ve been in the thick of summer session, we’ve also been trying to get the fall classes set up.  Full disclosure:  we are way behind schedule on that!  Our goal to have all the classes posted was Aug. 3rd and we’ll never make that, but stay tuned because we WILL be getting those classes posted as soon as we can.

The next challenge is getting the word out to everyone.  This summer we tried making mini-posters for each class/event and then posting that on the website.  We also plugged them on Facebook.  That worked fairly well and I think our main hope is that people go to the website and check it to see what is going on.  There are quite a few people who don’t do Facebook and don’t check the website and aren’t on the email list I’m a little flummoxed about how to get the word out to them.  We put up the post-it note calendar at the Library and then have yet to post a note on it so I’ll try to do better withdon't fail to try that.  But it isn’t feasible to put up flyers about the classes and events about town because there are too many of them.  For that same reason it is out of our budget to advertise them in the paper, too.  I think our best hope is to get people to check our website.  Maybe we could put together some volunteers who could “adopt” folks who don’t do Facebook or have access to the internet and they could help keep them informed.  We also have it on our “To-Do List” to get a poster space that is protected from the elements out front at The Space where we can post upcoming events.  If you have any other ideas for us, we’d love to hear them!