WISH LIST: Please & Thank You!

Here are some of the things we can always use:

  • VOLUNTEERS!  We need friendly, dependable folks of all ages to help make things happen!  Here’s just a few things our volunteers do at The Space:  assist instructors, work the cash register at PYOP, clean & organize, put up posters and flyers around town, facilitate workshops, and misc. jobs at community events.
  • storage containers big and small!  It is quite the challenge to keep all these supplies organized!
  • miscellaneous hardware, bolts, nuts, washers, screws, broken parts of who knows what, lots of wire, old keys, buttons, electrical wire, hinges, hooks, small bungie cords, wing nuts, etc.
  • art supplies!  Paper, paint, brushes, markers, pencils, yarn, material, etc.  If you can use it to create something, we can use it!

If you would like to make a donation to The Space and would like it to be tax deductible, you can do so through WAFI.  You can send it to us, The Space, P.O. Box 293, Wray, CO 80758-0293, but make the check payable to WAFI.  If you send the check directly to WAFI make sure you let them know that it is to go to The Space.  Because we fall under WAFI’s umbrella 501(c)(3), your donation can be tax deductible.  If you aren’t worried about all that tax stuff, you can just donate it directly to The Space

Thanks so much for your help!

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