Last day for PYOPAH: August 8, 2020.

We’d like to thank everyone that supported The Space during the last few months as we navigated some uncharted waters. We had hoped offering PYOPAH would give everyone the opportunity to do something creative while we weren’t able to meet at The Space in person. Unfortunately it doesn’t generate enough interest from the community to keep offering it. For the month of July, we were not able to get enough pottery to fill up the kiln even one time. So at this time we’ll have to discontinue PYOPAH. We will fire the kiln one last time this summer so the last day to order online will be August 7th. We will have one final pickup day on Saturday, August 8th with a drop off day of August 9th. You will still order online and you will get a time for the 8th and 9th only. For those of you who painted pottery early in July and are still waiting for your pieces to be fired, thank you so much for your patience! Thank you, Missy & Jenn

Paint Your Own Pottery At Home

First choose your pottery…

Choose the pottery pieces you want to paint. (Pictures of our pottery selection are updated as often as we can but we might be out of some of the selection shown here.)





Now choose your glazes…


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Place your order!

Please consider a couple things to help us out:

  • If you could keep your glazes to a minimum that would be helpful. Maybe save that plate of 20 colors for when we can meet at The Space again. If you have two or three kids painting and they each want a different yellow, could they compromise on just one yellow and share? Things like that would help us out quite a bit.
  • Unless noted on the calendar, we do pick ups on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 10:30 – 11:00 a.m. The kit and finished pieces must be returned the next day from 4:00 – 4:30 p.m. We hope we can schedule you for your first choice, but we have a limited amount of kits so we might have to schedule you for a different day.

Wait for your reply…

We will email you back to confirm your pick up date and let you know what your cost will be.  You will only be charged for the pottery but you will need to pay when you pick it up.  We only take cash or checks.  Checks should be made out to The Space.

If you haven’t gotten a reply via email after two days, please contact Jenn at

While you are waiting, check out this informative video about painting pottery at home. Filled with tips that will increase your odds of having more fun, more success and not growing a third ear, we recommend this video for newbie painters and veteran painters alike.



So now you have ordered your pottery kit and have your date to pick up your kit. In this brave new world, here’s how you do that!

  • When you come to pick up or drop off your pottery, please wait in your car and text Jenn when you arrive.  Her number is 970-630-4582.
  •  She will wave you in when she is ready for you.  Please only one person enter (don’t bring your kids in with you.)  You must wear a mask. 
  • Once inside we’ll have you check your supplies and pottery, hand over your cash/check (thanks for having check/exact cash ready) and then you’ll be on your way.  We estimate 3 minutes should cover it but we’ll tag on an extra 2 min. for chit chat.


  • Take good care of the supplies and use the glazes sparingly. Don’t waste.
  • Return things clean.
  • Be punctual. We don’t promise to wait around for you. If you don’t get your supplies returned on time, someone else might not get to participate.
  • If something happens and you cannot pick up your pottery, please call/text as soon as you can.
  • Please call/text only M-F from 9:00-5:00 unless it is about a pickup/drop-off.


We don’t want to charge late fees or make people put down a deposit for the supplies.  We are doing this to try to help create a little fun during this very difficult time.  The money we charge for the pottery goes towards buying more pottery, glazes and supplies for The Space.  We don’t mind the extra work but we do ask that you respect our time and efforts by following the guidelines.  Hopefully it will be fun for everyone that way and we can keep it going as long as we need to.

We have one kiln and it is a large one.  It is not efficient to run it for only a few pieces so I wait until I have as full a load as possible before I fire it.  When we have PYOP on the weekends I usually have enough pottery to fill the kiln once or twice.  Before I can fire the pottery I dip it in a clear glaze.  A full kiln of pottery usually requires 6-8 hours of my time to get it ready to fire.  I’m not sure how this will all work out with pottery coming in very small amounts spread out over time.  It might take a month to get your pottery back, it might take the usual 7-10 days.  So, everyone is going to have to be o.k. with waiting and realize I can’t make any promises as to when the pieces will get fired.

If you have questions, please contact us at

(Do not contact us through Facebook.) 

We really hope this works out but we definitely need your help and understanding to make this successful. Thank you! missy